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One of the participants in a network game Roma Victor, a scenario which is based on the life of the Roman Empire, was crucified on the cross for an incorrect behavior and violation of the rules.

6 April 2006 | behavior, life, party, player, script, time

EzheGO - the touchstone of “Game Kuo as being in a space-time
Lara Croft comes to mobile phones

• Half-Life 2 goes into space »»»
The network has a beta version of Eternal Silence, an unusual modification of Half-Life 2.
• In the period of unpredictable behavior of the dollar, the game is started giving everyone the opportunity to give his prediction »»»
All those wishing to be given the opportunity to try their hand at predicting the behavior of the dollar and euro.
• Therapist narcologist A.G. Danilin analyzes the popular theory of gambling addiction »»»
" onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">Views on modern computer addiction psychologists and psychiatrists are divided into three types.
• Video Games do not affect the behavior of children and TV - even as »»»
It is considered that the key to the emergence of American students with an AK-47 in colleges lies in the bloody and violent video games.
• Nival Network has announced a competition of young developer with a prize fund 200 000 rubles »»»
It is held in two categories: game designer and concept artist.