For PS3 shot is not fan

Interesting details were revealed about the man that stood on November 17 in the queue for the PlayStation 3 and was shot by intruders. Then, we recall, in the town of Worcester (Conn.) a pair of robbers attacked a 21-year-old Michael Penkalu, shot at him and tried to rob.

Michael’s friends came to the rescue prevented the fly shugnuv robbers, and the injured to hospital. You say: “an ardent fan suffered for their devotion to PS3″? Nothing like this - shortly after leaving the hospital, Penkala publicly repented.

It turns out that fanaticism (and even more so fierce) here and do not smell - the guy merely unemployed (selling t-shirts and jewelry in front of his house), which has decided to slightly speculations . On that day, Michael collected all his cash ($ 2,600), and together with his friends stood in line, intending to buy four new boxes and push them on eBay vtridorogo:

- When I shot, the first thing I thought was not wound, and the money: if only friends could pick them up and not buy.

what they did. And despite the fact that Penkala has no medical insurance and treatment reprimanded him in a sour lot of money, he refused to “promote” their lot at the online auction yards headings for the PS3 that I got shot! ”

- Oh, no. This is simply disgusting.

Turns out that the conscience of all still there. Encouraging.

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