PSP:: SONY Press Conference at E3

In anticipation of the exhibition E3 EXPO, SONY held a press conference and spoke about the updates to the company, which we see in the near future.
Here are some of the most interesting moments:

12 May 2006 | company, conference, dormouse, exhibition, news, psp, time, time

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• PSP:: PSOne Emulator for PSP »»»
Thus, the network has its first photo and video material from the press conference at the exhibition SONY E3, which demonstrates a working representative SONY PlayStation 1 emulator for PSP.
• Premiere PlayStation 3 at GameX! »»»
At the upcoming Electronic Entertainment GameX 2007, which will be held in Moscow from 9 to 11 March in the International exhibition center “Crocus Expo”, held a welcome demonstration of the PlayStation 3.
• Gameland Award - Russia's first awards ceremony in the field of computer and video games »»»
Online voting has already begun on the site of the ceremony.
• Exhibition "Igromir" at VVC »»»
4 and 5 November in Moscow will be the first large-scale exhibition in the history of Russia and okoloigrovoy gaming industry.
• CES 2010: Results of a press conference SONY »»»
Recently (4 30 am, Thursday) SONY ended the press conference at CES 2010, and of course, the editors managed to MadFanboy’ya corner of my eye to see what was in store mega corporation in 2010.