That’s a real office killer!

most that on there! Delays - it’s just not how! The idea: to run a maze monsters, they should not allow to escape. Available are several types of towers, upgrades, research and, of course, for each monster give money. In general, not a bad toy. After 3-4 defeats begin to think and to count:) (here a little bit can be read). In the game there is a common table of records. The result depends strongly on the efficiency of spending. I would like to further development. 39 levels - low.

29 January 2007 | idea, money, monster, output, view

Grand Theft Mario
Virtual worlds are now in cellphones

• Video Games genre "Action" to improve vision »»»
Results after 30 hours in some types of video games gamers are beginning to better distinguish the characters in the table for vision testing.
• New from Nevosoft »»»
Each year Santa Claus something happens. Here and this time he had trouble - cave monsters want to steal the gifts.
• Google search turned the issue into the game »»»
In the search engine of Google, there was a game whose aim was the “protection” from Google “monsters” that represent the letter “o”.
• "Swim with the sharks" - a new experimental game! »»»
You need a mouse to drag swimmers. The idea is that you first need to allow swimmers scared shark, and then dragging it to a safe place - to give him a rest.
• Land of Rain »»»
Game title: Land of Rain Dating Game: landofrain Developers: unknown Game Type: browser Play