EVE Online in Russia

Russia Netvil company signed a contract with the Icelandic company CCP games. Prisoner issue involves a contract for Russia’s market is a localized version of the popular space MMORPG - EVE online. In the near future in retail stores (and online too) will the payment card playing time. After some time, the sale will be fully localized version of the Russian Netvil.

1 February 2007 | company, games, issue, market, mmorpg, online, russia, version

Luba Shumeyko on the cover of the new rooms “PC game”
Vista has blocked 70 million secretaries

• Microsoft game console will be released in Russia before the competitor from Sony »»»
In Russia start sales top box next generation XBox 360 from Microsoft.
• Games with DirectX 9 brake "Vista" »»»
Although, Microsoft has promised, but she could never be fully backward compatible new version of DirectX 10 (as we know, this version is completely rewritten, so radically different from previous), and older versions of DirectX.
• FAQ: Rig 3: The Conquest of America »»»
Q: When will the game? A: A beta version is scheduled for December 2006.
• In Japan, there was an exhibition devoted to the 100-year history of Nintendo »»»
Nintendo was founded in Kyoto in 1889. The first business of the company were playing cards “hanafuda” (Hanafuda).
• Patch for heroes 5 »»»
That’s left the long-awaited patch version 1.1. Patch for the Russian version Download - 38.