New trailer Tekken 6

Company Namco introduced a new trailer popular game genre “fighting” - Tekken 6. Let me remind you that the game will be available only in 2008, and initially will be available for the Sony PlayStation 3 …

19 February 2007 | company, for sale, genre, prefix, sony playstation, tekken, trailer

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• PS3 begin to cheapen .... »»»
Japanese fans consoles very lucky! Even today in Japan, the PlayStation 3 can be bought for far less money than before.
• New Trailer Unreal Tournament 3 »»»
Epic company introduced a new exclusive video game Unreal Tournament 3 release is scheduled for the second quarter of this year.
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Company with a capital letter “N” decided not to leave the brainchild of the recently released Wii unattended and today announced a regular lotion to her.
• Lara Croft returns to work in 2008 »»»
In 2008, the popular Tomb Raider game series will be continued, announced SCi, parent company of Eidos Interactive.
• PS1 - classics already available for PSP »»»
By issuing the freshest firmware 3.01 for PSP, Sony announced - from now on it will be running games with the classic PlayStation 1.