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Recently, the press published an interesting quiz among the leading Russian top-managers. Were asked the following questions:
- Do you play computer games? If yes, which ones? If not, why not?

20 February 2007 | print, question

In Russia now has a network of virtual hotels for children Habbo
Blizzard has filed a lawsuit against cheaters

• Monologues Dmitry Galkovskaya "Philosophy of Computer Games" »»»
Two part interview with Ilya Peresedovym about computer games. He asked questions, I answered.
• In Samara, voters are invited to play a game of "pick himself mayor." In this game always wins one candidate - from the "United Russia" »»»
October 10 in Russian single day of voting - will be elected by the parliaments of dozens of municipalities, mayors and six Regional Legislative Assembly.
• Underground capture Internet market »»»
The game Sota (DPP version of the game from the Rambler) new “chips”.
• Brendagochi »»»
Recently I became a brand manager. I did not change the scope of work and just every day I played in “Brendagochi.
• NIKITA.Online - 18 years on the crest of a wave »»»
October 14, 2009 Moscow October 14, 2009 Company NIKITA.Online, one of the leading publishers of online games on the territory of Russia.