Soccer is good everywhere

In the men’s urinals in bars and shopping centers have appeared … football field with the ball and gates. Purpose of the game during the relief of the urinary bladder - get the ball into the goal, using precision and pressure. It is accompanied by advertising inscription: “Soccer is good everywhere, but it is much better on channels ESPN”.

8 June 2006 | ball, center, football, gates

DELETE YOURSELF! “Portable Xbox to be!
Friday’s sea battle

• In Japan, the game appeared urinals Sega, controlled stream of urine »»»
Sega has established a company in the four bars and the halls of slot machines urinals equipped with pressure gauges and digital displays.
• Peyntbol - it will take for the game »»»
<H2> <STRONG> Peyntbol - that will need to play </ STRONG> </ H2> <P> If you think that playing <A href = “http://www.
• Promotion game Splinter Cell Conviction has to call the police »»»
Last Friday, about 20 people sat at the bar Auckland Degree, when they were approached a man with bandages on his hands and sent them a black pistol.
• With my own eyes: World Cyber ​​Games finals in South Korea »»»
Many have probably heard that virtual games of the Korean nation - a special passion.
• Bill Gates a perdu un match, Rafael Marquez »»»
Lors de la célébration du vingtième anniversaire du bureau de Microsoft dans le Mexique, Bill Gates (Bill Gates) a décidé de montrer qu’il n’est pas un imbécile, et a joué avec le champion du club de Barcelone (Barcelone) Rafael Marquez (Rafael Marquez) dans le football.