The * - The first game, you must create the users themselves

Developers are becoming more lazy …
Not so long ago it was suggested the game, you first have to make the users themselves - the potential players …

31 March 2007 | developer, idea, player, user

In GTA4 will play for the Russian?
Mario was a fascist

• Ice frog threw dota-allstars? »»»
Recently, a remarkable fashion designer to the game Warcraft III, lazy in their work.
• Where you are the most intelligent? »»»
In order to play a significant 13Mb, free, with appalling graphics and without the production of Introversion Softvare, got in a game review should be founded.
• STALKER sent to print! »»»
The long-awaited shooter from GSC Game World - STALKER, six-let is in development and had already managed to gain fame as one of the most famous long lasting gaming industry, has been sent to press, and will appear in stores toward the end of March!
• First look at Ultima Online: The Kingdom Reborn »»»
Many people know that not so long ago was a kind of gaming event EA Mythic Press Event, where the company disclosed some details of their products.
• C Happy Birthday, Duke! Long-term construction Duke Nukem Forever was 10 years old »»»
Yes, it’s true. Most long to develop the game celebrates its anniversary.