Download Median XL 1.99d (Mod for Diablo 2: Lod)

By far the most popular and beautiful fashion in Diablo 2

The first thing that catches your eye after you install this mod is a completely new skill tree for all classes (you will not find any of the old skill of the original Lod) and animation! Yes, yes! This animation abilities is the hallmark of this fashion. Forget about boring dry blows of the original, after installing this mod your monitor will go off-scale on special. effects and the riot of colors. See videos and screenshots at the end of the description!

And of course in this fashion is all what is usually advertised fashion q2 - lots of new things, monsters, locations, runvordov, recipes for cube … and so on.
Short list of changes:
- The maximum level of 120.
- 9 new mercenaries with five unique abilities each.
- Enhanced the role of energy in the game, now it gives not only mana, but also increases spell damage.
- Improved AI for all acts of bosses, such as Mephisto circumvents “river”, and Andariel runs away from you when she is little xn.
- 20 new runes and 5 stones, giving a completely new features (eg + summoned minion damage).
- 250 new runewords.
- 475 new unique items.
- 28 new sets of 140 set items.
- Huber and heroic zone with a very enhanced monsters.
- Of calling Uber-bosses. You can call only certain amount in place of the game by mixing the desired ingredients in a cube. Among them, such as the Butcher of D1, Azmodan and Belial - younger brothers Diablo (for lovers of history).
- Special tests for hardened players. Awards will be unique things in another way that did not get (an example test: pass Huber zone for 70 levels to 50 levels).

23 January 2010

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