Full development of DOOM 4 will begin in October

Full-scale development shooter DOOM 4 will begin immediately after the release of Rage, said John Carmack (John Carmack).

Work on the fourth “Doom” id Software began in 2008, but the active phase starts only in the current October. “Once released Rage, the main developer team will be transferred to the DOOM 4 - According to Mr. Carmack. - There is no point immediately” pounce “on the project the whole world. We started with a small group that pre-production.”

It is planned that in October the game will work over a hundred developers. And lead them himself, John Carmack. As a tentative release date is called 2013. Platform - PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Developers are only briefly mentioned the technical features of the project. “In single-player campaign DOOM 4 will give 30 frames per second - says John.” - This solution allowed us to increase the number of enemies with whom you fight. At the same time you will be able to attack up to several tens of demons. ” Created a game engine to id Tech 5.

15 June 2011

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