Released role-playing game Dungeon Siege III

CompanyNew Disc” localizer and publisher of role-playing game Dungeon Siege III, announced the start of its sales.

However, with a caveat: igroservery earn only at midnight on June 17. The release took place on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The project has developed a studio Obsidian, his Western publishers - Square Enix.

If you are wondering, in the kingdom Ab problems. A single state, the monarch managed and supported by the Tenth Legion, mired in anarchy and chaos. After his death, the country disintegrated, and the legionnaires were charged with conspiracy and nearly all were wiped out. Developers promise to traditional fantasy set: the battle with the monsters, power-hungry feudal lords, the church, search for treasures and artifacts, research dungeons …

Game Trailers Dungeon Siege III:

16 June 2011

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