Take part in a thermonuclear conflict!

DEFCON - an acronym for “Defense Condition”, the readiness of the U.S. Army to repulse an attack of the enemy. Depending on the level of DEFCON is allowed the use of certain strategic units …

5 October 2006 | army, conflict, defcon, enemy, level, membership

Hammers of Fate will teach new magic tricks
In Russia, opened the first online retailers of computer games

• How best to dodge the knife in Counter-Strike »»»
This article will try to tell about it, how best to dodge the knife.
• Hurry to see. Hellgate: London at E3 »»»
Hellgate: London combines the depth of role-playing and the dynamics of first-person shooter, while offering endless gameplay with dynamically generated levels, artifacts, enemies and events.
• Who potesnit World of Warcraft? »»»
I looked at the screenshots and think WoW is invincible?
• Medal Of Honor Heroes (RUS PSP) »»»
Think you know about the Medal of Honor all? You’re wrong!
• Youth Committee of the State Duma wants to encourage Russian ruble manufacturers patriotic games »»»
After the scandal surrounding the game “Call of Duty”, where gamers offered to shoot civilians passengers at Sheremetyevo, the State Duma is seriously concerned unpatriotic content of computer games.