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Work on these products will be conducted in conjunction with Breakaway Games, the creator of several additional modules to strategiyamdlya personal computers (Tropico, Civilization III) and the so-called “serious games” for the Ministry of Justice and the U.S. armed forces.

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Old games on the Wii
Underground capture Internet market

• NASA will develop games »»»
The program, on which work is conducted in conjunction with military experts and representatives of the Federation of American Scientists, will be a short (10 to 20 minutes) prototype.
• Among game developers start trading ideas »»»
The company Games That Matter, working in the field of computer games, unveiled its business model, which can be called unique.
• Rashkintsy, be vigilant, even the walls and ceiling have ears and eyes. For you should have more eye heads the FBI! »»»
“The head of the FBI Raska sees and hears everything.
• Civilization Chronicles is available on Amazon »»»
Civilization Chronicles - can be purchased on at a price of 69.
• Civilization Chronicles ist bei Amazon erhältlich »»»
Civilization Chronicles - kann auf zu einem Preis von 69,99 Dollar erworben werden.