The work of Second Life had violated the “gray goo”

November 19 in various parts of the virtual world Second Life have appeared strange golden ring, multiplying rapidly in any attempt to interact with them. Soon the number of rings has become so great that the servers that support the work of Second Life, were overloaded.

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Multiplayer Fight Club (Combats) “requests the UN to recognize his State
What Disciples 3 the future bring??

• U.S. presidential candidate's electoral campaign in Second Life »»»
Blogger Steve O’Hir (Steve O’Hear) in his journal at ZDNet said that John Edwards (John Edwards), one of the candidates for U.
• Super-popular game Tringo will be switched to TV »»»
Company YooMedia announced that is working on a version of the super popular game Triengen (Tringo) for interactive television.
• Sweden has opened an official embassy in the computer game »»»
Sweden becomes the first country in the world, which will open a diplomatic representation in the virtual world, namely - in the game Second Life.
• The future of online worlds »»»
What is the development of virtual worlds, I see in the future: 1) Will finds a way to transfer images directly to consciousness through one or another way to connect directly to the optic nerve or directly to the brain that can accomplish all realistic presence in these worlds - aka the matrix.
• Australians have created a new virtual three-dimensional world »»»
Company Yoick reported the appearance of the Internet Outback Online - three-dimensional virtual world, which, perhaps, will compete with Second Life, wrote DrugStore Scobleizer.