SBK ‘07: Superbike World Championship

Black Bean Games today announced a new game from the Italian studio Milestone, responsible for titles such as Evolution GT and SCAR.
Actually, the hero of today’s news continues the tradition of her own motosimulyatora Super-Bikes Riding Challenge, and his name is - SBK ‘07: Superbike World Championship.
SBK prefix in the title is not accidental - Black Bean received an official license to develop games for the championship of the same name, conducted Organizations FG Sport. Period of five years, so that the number “07″ is even less chance than the prefix.
Game will be released on the PlayStation 2 and PSP (left and right screenshots, respectively). When it is - is silent. Details are also kept secret.

23 November 2006 | hero, name, news, prefix, sbk, studio, superbike world championship, tradition

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