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In order to play a significant 13Mb, free, with appalling graphics and without the production of Introversion Softvare, got in a game review should be founded. In this case, they are available.

Company VelociGames took care of those who never tires of criticizing game developers. Do you want to show them how to work? In the simulator GameBiz player will have an opportunity porukovodit development company and their own experience to make sure that it is not so easy and pleasant experience.

Try to establish a company from scratch and produce ready-to-sell product! And we’ll see how much time you will take on Duke Nukem Forever …

28 November 2006 | company, graphics, production, review

Ctrast to Mmorpg can grow in the “addiction”?
Xbox 360 will become cheaper?

• In Japan, there was an exhibition devoted to the 100-year history of Nintendo »»»
Nintendo was founded in Kyoto in 1889. The first business of the company were playing cards “hanafuda” (Hanafuda).
• Reviewers did not like Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Western observers have met a very cool project of Duke Nukem Forever, the development of which took about 14 years.
• Blizzard has filed a lawsuit against cheaters »»»
The company Blizzard, developer of World of Warcraft, sued the company MDY Industries, which developed a bot WoW Glider, whereby the player can relatively easy to pump character.
• Among game developers start trading ideas »»»
The company Games That Matter, working in the field of computer games, unveiled its business model, which can be called unique.
• Built Borderlands release Duke Nukem Forever »»»
President studio Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford (Randy Pitchford) confirmed that his company is developing the game Duke Nukem Forever.