Study of the dynamics of mobile games

In Germany, the UK and the U.S. is a massive growth in mobile games. The market is estimated at 3 billion. Soon we have. For reference - details

4 December 2006 | billion, germany, growth, links, market, survey, united kingdom, usa

The future of online worlds
PlayStation 4 - will not be

• The global online games market in 2011 grew by 23%, to $ 20 billion »»»
According to forecasts, in 2013 it will reach 26.7 billion dollars, the report says research firm J’son & Partners Consulting.
• Asia led to the crisis MMORPG »»»
Analysts Strategy Analytics Digital Media reported that this year global market multiplayer online games will grow by 60% to $ 8 billion.
• Lara Croft comes to mobile phones »»»
The legendary Tomb Raider series of games has given birth to a new genre, “” third-party action “, and spread on all gaming platforms.
• PlayStation 4 - will not be »»»
Even before launching the PlayStation 3 and Wii just lazy analyst predicted the fate of each, did not promise an incredible success and a complete disaster for another.
• Game Lair for the PS3 is nearly completed ... »»»
In an interview with an authoritative resource, Game Informer, president of Factor 5 Julian Egebreht (Julian Eggebrecht) details about the project said Lair, who is now created for the PlayStation 3.