Wii in Russia!!!

Here Wii got to our own Palestine! Company “ND Video Games” (an independent division of the New CD “and RF-exclusive distributor of Nintendo) launched a sales neat white boxes with the new prefix.

At the moment, Wii pre-orders on the subject that could be done at the November” Igromir “and in shops. And on the weekend will appear in key retail outlets in Moscow.

Under “key trading points” ND means eight shops, scattered throughout the major areas of the First Throne. It is in their December 22, on Friday, will open the demo stands. Own sales start on Saturday, December 23. The suggested retail price of more than $ 100 price tag exceeds the U.S. - 9900 rubles.

Those who 23rd nothing broke off, can leave the pre-order - from 24 to 30 December promoters Nintendo will continue to “work on the ground” and would be happy to your application.

about how and when “our charm” razvezut regions and the exact number of units for launch are not reported. Tea is not America, sir.

20 December 2006 | boxes, departments, for sale, home, nintendo, prefix, products, video game, wii

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