$ 330,000 - for a virtual house and rolled the user game Entropia Universe

Back in the day when developers just announced plans to sell space station Crystal Palace (palace crystalline) Forums Entropia Universe filled with the themes in the spirit of “how much it will be sold and how many can cost a miracle?” And so on. ”

But even an hour before the auction zaverscheniya nobody could not imagine that the price will soar to such heights of exorbitant even by the standards of Entropia. And so in order for the last half hour of the auction …

An hour and a half before the end of the auction someone by the nickname “Qetesh Qetesh Qetesh” made a bet that has already beaten the previous Rekor and reached 1 million in game currency or 100,000 USD at the exchange rate game (10PED = 1 USD), even then everyone thought that he was a potential winner fact before the end of the auction was only nothing.

But not here that was …

29 December 2009 | auction, developer, for sale, forum, h, plan, topic, user

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