In Georgia, created a computer game against the Red Army in 1921

A new computer game “Kakutsa Cholokashvili” based on the events of 1921 and the Georgian troops fight the Red Army, established in Georgia within the game series “Great Georgians,” based on real historical events. To create a game that uses the technology of Flash, programmers and designers have worked the independent media holding “Media Picker.”

The storyline of the game consists of fighting the Red Army and fight the occupation. The main hero of the script is well-known Georgian military leader Kakutsa Cholokashvili, whose name in Tbilisi named street, and whose portrait is printed on 200 lari banknote (the equivalent of U.S. $ 120). The game consists of several stages, which are also decorated with various musical accompaniment.

According to Georgian media, one of the creators of the game, a specialist in Flash Levan Tabatadze said that the idea to start making games based on historical events in Georgia, he came after he saw the books from “Palette L” from the series “Great Georgians.”

“I always wanted to do some special game. While, in general, it is very difficult to create in Flash is something new, and to compete with large companies, we have tried to make something of themselves in the game and make a new focus,” - said Tabatadze.

He, along with a group of programmers and designers had already developed such games as “Vakhtang Gorgasali”, “Niko Pirosmani” and “Eagle” based on the product Vaja Pshavela.

Presentation of the game “Kakutsa Cholokashvili” scheduled in the passing in late February in Georgia, “the occupation of the Week”, dedicated to the anniversary of the date of entry into the country of the Red Army (February 25, 1921).
Play game (in Georgian).

24 February 2012

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