Kickstart It: Belarusian team starts the game project on public funding. Or how to become a game designer for 10k bucks

Kickstarter-mania crossed the ocean and reached the borders of the former Soviet Union - Belarus Aterdux Entertainment studio decided to follow the experience of western colleagues and appealed to the people.

In need of assistance to the projectLegends Eyzenvalda,” which the authors call “simulator knight-errant.” The hero travels on the global map, captures castles, collecting tribute from the villages, visiting the city and increases the power of his army.

Development of the project lasts for two years by six people, and is now ready to alpha version. To release the game as early as this October, the team is asking for $ 50,000. The funds collected will be used to create levels and other elements of the finishing touches (the field of battle, characters, artifacts and other items). Of course there are the creators of the plans and in case if the total contributions exceed the minimum threshold.

For $ 15, developers guarantee a digital PC-version of “Legends Eyzenvalda” collector’s edition and the previous game studio - “The times of discord,” which includes a level editor. Maximum amount - $ 10,000, a generous patron of the arts will be the executive producer of the project and get the right effect on all key decisions regarding game design, game balance, etc., as well as a medieval sword with inlaid and engraved.


25 April 2012

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