Russian Emergencies Ministry is preparing a Fallout - a computer game about the effects of radiation

The Ministry for Emergency Situations is preparing a computer game, the challenge is - to wean Russians from radio-phobia, the fear is radioactive and X-rays. The plot is not yet clear, but the protagonists are defined: you can play as a teenager, a student, a citizen of a middle-aged or retired - that’s four target audiences of the project. It is expected that the fall of the game lay out the site MOE for free download.

In the MOE are willing to allocate to the project 9.4 million rubles. “The budget is quite adequate, if the MOE does not begin to demand kickbacks - you can make a decent game on a free engine. Even I can advise artists” - said, “Marker” CEO-game developer Alawar Entertainment Alexander Lyskovsky. He added that Alawar have been several attempts to deal with large state companies, but the condition of the order has been rolled back the manager in the amount of up to 70% of the contract. “We just refused to work today in our industry, lack of private

6 March 2012

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