The release of the puzzle Never Alone - Game of the indigenous peoples of Alaska

Among the relatively large number of blockbusters, which were now on the shelves of the world, lost a very small project called Never Alone - puzzle game about the life of the indigenous peoples of Alaska.

Adventure game Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa) tells the story of a little girl wandering tribe of Inupiat named Nun and her faithful four-legged friend polar fox. According to the developers, Never Alone is an atmospheric puzzle-platformer mechanics are based on the interaction between the two characters. Nun is able to wield a special hunting weapons (bolas), obtaining thus difficult subjects, and her furry friend is quite fast and has great agility. Play will be as one, just switch between the characters and as a couple. In the latter case it is possible to play with the other.

Place the game became harsh living conditions of the inhabitants of one of the coldest parts of North America. By the way, Never Alone is the first game developed (Upper One Games) and published (E-Line Media) Alaskan Native, and one of the goals of the game developers call to draw attention to the problems of the local population and the revival of interest in its folklore.

The game is available on PC (Steam), Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

19 November 2014

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