Chelyabinsk oblizbirkom has developed an online game where you can become a deputy

Each entrant may “go to the elections.” The player must choose the correct character and conduct the campaign. If the game you will violate Russia’s election laws, for example, to agitate in the wrong place, or talk nonsense during the televised debates, it will lose the election.

1 February 2010

Fans of video games serve in the army better than others
Every resident Balakovo can beat the mayor with a club. Virtually. Mayor is the endorses

• In Samara, voters are invited to play a game of "pick himself mayor." In this game always wins one candidate - from the "United Russia" »»»
October 10 in Russian single day of voting - will be elected by the parliaments of dozens of municipalities, mayors and six Regional Legislative Assembly.
• With the help of online games can be manipulated human beings »»»
A production center Rocketdog announced the launch of an innovative interactive online games, where characters become real people.
• Xbox One owner got free for a mate while playing in the NBA »»»
A moment later, after the player said a bad word, Kinect identified them, and his basketball team appointed a free throw for a technical foul.
• New Star Wars: Battlefront comes out next month »»»
New Star Wars: Battlefront comes out next month, but the players are already available early beta version.
• Monkeys taught to play computer games »»»
Apes that learned to play computer games exhibit the same behavioral strategy that gamers are men.