CEO Raspadskaya Gennady Kozova in response to the miners to raise salaries: “improve the skills!”

Emergency mine Raspadskaya in the Kemerovo region will be rebuilt, jobs in it saved. This was announced today at a meeting with the labor collective mines CEO Raspadskaya Coal Company Gennady Kozova.

“We need to mobilize, we find the resources and forces to restore everything to work normally,” - said Kozova. However, he stressed that “only the industrial coal reserves (mine) - 720 million tonnes, this is enough for us even after 80 years of work.”

Chapter Raspadskaya Coal Company also commented on the requirement to raise miners’ salaries that came to a spontaneous meeting, held on Friday. Kozova urged the workers to improve skills, to observe the technology of underground works. “We have a productive day on the cutting and extraction of 30 per cent lower than it was three years ago, but only the salary for the year increased 10 percent, and in the past - 25 percent”, - stated Kozova.

On the night of May 9 in Russia’s largest coal mine Raspadskaya two explosions of methane, killing 66 people. The fate of another 24 coal mine workers is not yet known. Searching work underground suspended because of multiple fires and a significant excess of norms of methane.

Rescuers removed from the roadway. A flooding “problem” for gas stations shaft to displace the methane.

16 May 2010

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