Ulyanovsk Governor proposed to create computer games based on the Russian classics, such as the novel “Oblomov”

In Ulyanovsk region decided to cultivate a love for classical literature, unusual methods. In anticipation of the 200 anniversary of the birth of classical Russian literature Ivan Goncharov Ulyanovsk Governor Sergei Morozov proposed to move the legendary Oblomov from the pages of the novel on a computer monitor. According to Morozova, computer game “Quest” on the novel “Oblomov” - very appropriate way “to promote the legacy Goncharova among youth.

Members of the public viewed the proposal is ambiguous Mr. Morozov. According to Associate Professor of Ulyanovsk State University, local historian Sergei Petrov, when creating games is extremely important to avoid primitivism. “This is necessary to attract connoisseurs of art Goncharova, or from Oblomov can do buffoon - said” no “Sergei Petrov. - Do not allow the image of the literary hero was vulgarises.

27 May 2010

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