Yegor Prosvirnin: Russia simply must necessarily appear the State Agency for Computer Games

Standard ritual before the fight - roll company recruits, who, where, what age, what is the name. And this is where the fun begins … so that there is incredible.

Accustomed to the destroyed and every day more and more compressed under the pressure of the newcomers (both political and cultural, and labor-illegal) Russian world, perceiving this world mainly as a central Russia, is lost, he heard the voice of a man from Sakhalin. Who asks to speak into the microphone so loud: they have there late at night, the baby sleeps. By Sakhalin joins Siberian, raduyuschiysya warm winter, followed by Russian kazahstanets arises, have expressed concerns about neighboring Kyrgyzstan. To connect dialogue Ukrainian, Belorussian, and even the real Tajik.

But the fun starts during the battle. Russian and non-Russians from the territories and from the States for twenty years as a breakaway, dead, their mouths authorities loudly, angrily, triumphant hate Russia, suddenly become welded into a single monolithic team together to kill enemies on the legendary T-34, as in the heyday of the Second World . Disintegrated, dispersed the Soviet-Russian-imperial space in front stitched going again, the combined powerful gaming moments. The unthinkable is happening - people with severe Caucasian accent politely asked the player Valhalla88, whether it took the art-installation position, and whether to go to him, the Caucasians, forward reconnaissance. Ukrainian, with a strong southern accent, “HF-3″ rushes forward, blocking the iron chest downed fellow Russian, Uzbek and Belarusian Fri together coordinating their actions, alternating target designation unintelligible dialect word, ten habarovchanin joyfully yells from a successful hit in unison with the forty years from the peasant something out of Novosibirsk, and then in unison annoyed when the enemy team still has the upper hand.

People who have, seemingly, there can be nothing in common except the language, being placed in the right gaming environment to instantly recreate that savage imperial unity, which we in the last twenty years, it would seem, irretrievably lost. Mutual help, mutual help, heroism and fierce dramatic final moments of battle, when the whole team is excited for the only surviving participant, half with “Why do you have to sleep you go? And, sorry, forgot about the difference at nine o’clock,” create a euphoric, fantastic sense of unity duhopodemnoe Russian world, for its revival through the border, through political, economic and forcefully encouraged by cultural barriers. Logo Russian, Russian sense Beat in the heart of our country in the last century, rises from the ashes, and listening to select tankistsky mate in the air, it is difficult to get rid of the thought that just as the wing on his mother’s fascists our grandfathers in the Kursk salient and Prokhorovka (especially that here the level of such a - “Prokhorovka).

4 February 2011

LineAge 2 Goddess of Destruction
Georgian Interior Ministry released a free shooter “Police” on the Unreal engine

• Released Diablo III »»»
Blizzard Entertainment has finally favored the fans of the famous action-RPG Diablo: Today, May 15, on sale the third part, created just for the PC and their relatives “Mac.
• Kickstart It: Belarusian team starts the game project on public funding. Or how to become a game designer for 10k bucks »»»
Kickstarter-mania crossed the ocean and reached the borders of the
• In South Korea's launching of the world computer games - similar to the real Olympic sport »»»
This is - similar to the real Olympic sport, which will bring together about 20 000 “on-line athletes’ Computer games are a real sport because they are accompanied by chants and fans.
• Gamers will help the U.S. Navy to catch Somali pirates »»»
Long years of training in military academies, the real experience
• In Samara, voters are invited to play a game of "pick himself mayor." In this game always wins one candidate - from the "United Russia" »»»
October 10 in Russian single day of voting - will be elected by the parliaments of dozens of municipalities, mayors and six Regional Legislative Assembly.