Super-popular game Tringo will be switched to TV

Company YooMedia announced that is working on a version of the super popular game Triengen (Tringo) for interactive television. For the first time this game appeared in the world of virtual reality on

31 January 2007 | company, reality, tringo, tv, version, world

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• Online game Second Life is now on mobile phones »»»
Probably in the middle of the day you just once, but it would distract from the reality of everyday office?
• Buildings in Moscow in SecondLife started with Red Square »»»
At Moscow Island in the popular online game SecondLife construction began on the Red Square.
• Source Second Life will be entirely open »»»
The company Linden Lab, developer of the popular virtual universe Second Life, today announced plans to open source the server side of the universe.
• EVE Online in Russia »»»
Russia Netvil company signed a contract with the Icelandic company CCP games.
• The work of Second Life had violated the "gray goo" »»»
November 19 in various parts of the virtual world Second Life have appeared strange golden ring, multiplying rapidly in any attempt to interact with them.