In Second Life build Moscow

Musasi Tanabe, owner of Moscow, oversees the entire process of building. Access to New Moscow has closed before the end of the first phase of construction - the Red Square. The buildings are one of the most talented developers in SL - Jess Saiman and Vega Pilipenko.

25 March 2007 | access, buildings, moscow, process, second life, stage

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• Buildings in Moscow in SecondLife started with Red Square »»»
At Moscow Island in the popular online game SecondLife construction began on the Red Square.
• Bâtiments à Moscou dans SecondLife a commencé avec la Place Rouge »»»
A Moscou, l’île dans la construction populaire jeu en ligne SecondLife a commencé sur la Place Rouge.
• Застройка Москвы в SecondLife начата с Красной Площади »»»
На Moscow Island в популярной онлайн-игре SecondLife началось строительство Красной Площади.
• Забудова Москви в SecondLife почата з Червоній Площі »»»
На Moscow Island в популярній онлайн-грі SecondLife почалося будівництво Червоній Площі.
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