Playstation Home Beta Test Home

1st May SCEE issued a press release about the first phase of testing the three-dimensional online COMMUNITY Home began. Among the testers came in a small group of people from the command Home, as well as a little-elected from those who came the invitation.
recall that the second phase of testing will begin this summer and it will get far more people.

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Sacrifice God of War 2.
Informal changed STALKER Shader Mod

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Company Blizzard began closed alpha testing the first of a separate supplement to its MMORPG World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade, which will be attended by family and friends of the families of employees of the firm.
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One of the most famous long-term construction, a hybrid of action games and role-playing game Hellgate: London, found a more or less approximate date of release.
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First, in Japan and America began selling Playstation 3, and now arrived, and Nintendo with its Wii.
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