Rogue Warrior

In the domestic edition of tactical first-person shooter are single campaign in Russian, as well as the full original version of the game in the English language, which allows the network to battle through service Steam.

The main character in the game Rogue Warrior - the famous Dick Marcinko, the founder of the sixth group of “sea lions” (SEAL Team Six), a professional soldier, known for uncompromising enemies.

4 April 2010

Released Battle for Wesnoth 1.8 - a free turn-based strategy
Released Game Hedgewars 0.9.13

• Georgian Interior Ministry released a free shooter "Police" on the Unreal engine »»»
Georgian Interior Ministry posted on its official website new computer game “Police”, the development of which was conducted last six months.
• World of Warcraft trial-version released »»»
On the official website, Blizzard has become available for download shareware version of game play World of Warcraft: Starter Edition.
• AGAiN in Frag eXecutors? »»»
As soon as the adverts fresh Counter-Strike project ‘Guns Are Drawn’, people thought, “what the organization will choose the Polish guys?
• As Ming entrepreneur has created a World of Tanks - the most popular online game »»»
Moscow has recently captured the red - the clan Red, which sponsors a businessman.
• Yegor Prosvirnin: Russia simply must necessarily appear the State Agency for Computer Games »»»
… Standard ritual before the fight - roll company recruits, who, where, what age, what is the name.