Two hours of the game is the path of cocaine

British scientist, therapist and counselor Steve Pop believes that two hours of play on the effect of roughly the same single track of cocaine.

He also notes that the dependence on the games is growing incredibly rapidly that some children steal from their parents to buy the game and that he had seen the teenager, who played for 24 hours.

In addition, Steve Pop warned the world about the impending epidemic of violence caused by video games and the dangers of Facebook and the Internet.

27 May 2010

Visitors to Google spent 5,000,000 hours over a game of Pac-Man
Ulyanovsk Governor proposed to create computer games based on the Russian classics, such as the novel “Oblomov”

• U.S. Supreme Court will review a ban on the sale of "violent games" to children under 18 years »»»
U.S. Supreme Court will consider the legality of California law, which prohibits the sale of “violent videogames” to children.
• A pair of gamers in South Korea's growing virtual child starved to death three-month daughter »»»
Young parents spend 12 hours a day in internet cafes, where they were playing online games.
• Video Games do not affect the behavior of children and TV - even as »»»
It is considered that the key to the emergence of American students with an AK-47 in colleges lies in the bloody and violent video games.
• Results issledvaniya ESA: The average age of American gamers is 37 years old »»»
American Association of Software and Computer Games Entertainment Software Association (ESA) conducted a study to determine the average age of amateur virtual entertainment.
• Children learn computer faster than tying shoelaces and cycling »»»
Study of anti-virus company AVG found that children are taught techniques for using computers and electronic devices before and easier than with the acquisition of traditional skills everyday.