The developer of the dispute created a deliberately dull game for Facebook. Game rating and gained popular

Many suspect that the games in social networks - it is something from the category of silly fun. The developer Ian Bogost (Ian Bogost) decided to prove it in practice. He created a deliberately dull game Cow Clicker and published it on Facebook. At this point in the game Cow Clicker has 14,188 active users, the rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Each player receives a cow and have to click the mouse on it every six hours. To get the right call more often, you can purchase additional credits for the money. The social element is implemented through the neighboring cows, which can manage you invite users. If you have neighbors, your click is also added to their rating.

In his blog, Ian Bogost explains that this game was created as a result of a dispute that broke out at the recent Game Developers Conference 2010 Game Developers between creators normal appearances and those working in the niche social networks. According to the first, the company Zynga and others like her are using design philosophy “Fuck the Users”, ie make the game, the main functionality which - draining money from the players.

26 July 2010

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