Entertainment on a new way of Rambler!

Rambler Internet Holding, introduced a beta version of its entertainment section. On its pages, now you can find some of the most famous known and beloved multiplayer games: Battleship, “” Chess, “” Bones “, an ancient Chinese solitaire” Mahjong “. Curiously, the famous game scenarios have been creatively conceptualized and re-processed.

21 September 2006 | battle, entertainment, home, rambler

Moscow is playing a Dozor oktryabrya 7. The first game of the capital - Toys of the Gods
3 days before the release of Defcon

• Half-Life 2 goes into space »»»
The network has a beta version of Eternal Silence, an unusual modification of Half-Life 2.
• Lego is from childhood accustomed to online games »»»
Company Lego and NetDevil work to develop a Massively Multiplayer Online Games, said Kotaku.
• Underground capture Internet market »»»
The game Sota (DPP version of the game from the Rambler) new “chips”.
• Sid Meier will conduct testing of "civilization" to Facebook »»»
Closed beta version of Civilization strategy for sotsseti Facebook will begin January 12, 2011.
• Splinter Cell: Double Agent Demo »»»
Released a demo version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. In two versions: a single (one mission) and multiplayer (one card).