Sky-Blog: Bridge Builder - Build a Bridge.

Bridge Builder - an old, but exciting game. Purpose of the game - to build a bridge strong enough to allow the train to pass through it without breaking. The game is rather simple and does not take much time to study it. Analysis of stress in the game will help determine the weak areas of your bridge.

8 March 2006 | bridge

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• Peyntbol - it will take for the game »»»
<H2> <STRONG> Peyntbol - that will need to play </ STRONG> </ H2> <P> If you think that playing <A href = “http://www.
• Results issledvaniya ESA: The average age of American gamers is 37 years old »»»
American Association of Software and Computer Games Entertainment Software Association (ESA) conducted a study to determine the average age of amateur virtual entertainment.
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The company Alawar Entertainment, specializing in so-called casual games, has released a new product called “Magic Numbers”.
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Year 2006 is rapidly coming to an end, and all who are involved in the gaming industry sum up all sorts of results.
• Swedish users of Second Life ahead of the government of his country »»»
Opening of the Embassy of Sweden in the online game Second Life is scheduled for the coming months.