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Senator Sam Brownback (Sam Brownback) proposed a draft law with the traditionally high-sounding title - “An act concerning the veracity Rate Video-games. Sam proposes to oblige the party organization in charge of the game to assess their danger to the child’s mind, pass one treats the game completely.

30 September 2006 | law, name, organization, projects, rating, sam brownback

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PayPal offended ScummVM (PayPal sucks)

• Patch for heroes 5 »»»
That’s left the long-awaited patch version 1.1. Patch for the Russian version Download - 38.
• Aliens vs Predator will issue in Russia »»»
So I think this game is known to all as “Aliens vs Predator” which once took pride of place in the rating games, and I think it took until now!
• Reviewers did not like Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Western observers have met a very cool project of Duke Nukem Forever, the development of which took about 14 years.
• SBK '07: Superbike World Championship »»»
Black Bean Games today announced a new game from the Italian studio Milestone, responsible for titles such as Evolution GT and SCAR.
• Turbomashinki »»»
Race for survival for over secret machines. A scientist from the future well-tried on his miracle of technology.