EzheGO - the touchstone of “The Art of Business Strategy. The development of a strategic vision with the game Kuo

Go - is a Japanese board game, the most complex and interesting game in the history of civilization. Guo teaches strategy. The modern computer is powerless before Go. Engage in a game of Go can be any age. Workshop “Game Go - the art of strategy, will develop a strategic vision and will acquaint you with the Asian paradigm of strategic decision-making. Learning Games Kuo expand your intellectual toolkit will give you a new competitive advantages, open new horizons.

25 March 2006 | age, art, computer, development, game on, history, strategy, vision

EzheGO - touchstone “The key strategy
EzheGO - the touchstone of “Game Kuo as being in a space-time

• At the end of the month in the New York Museum of Modern Art held an exhibition devoted GAMES »»»
It seems that the debate about the origin of video games to art can be minimized.
• Man went blind after four days of continuous play »»»
According to the Chinese edition of China Daily, a fan of online games was an interesting gospitalizovan diagnosed after a held in a computer club for four days in a row.
• Ru.Gizmodo.Com: Chess for beginners »»»
All learn to play chess in different ways. Someone is learning to play with my father / grandfather, someone buys chess Garry Kasparov, someone chooses other ways.
• The Lord of the Rings Online: At the time of release of the game will be over 1300 quests »»»
At Ten Ton Hammer forums posted a fresh interview on The Lord of the Rings Online with Turbine director Jeff Anderson (Jeff Anderson), in which he revealed a few interesting details about the quests.
• Military asking gamers to help in the fight against Somali pirates »»»
The first question that may arise when reading the headline: “What has the gamers?