Splinter Cell: Double Agent Demo

Released a demo version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. In two versions: a single (one mission) and multiplayer (one card).

Return of the hit super spy ekshena. The new version of our hero Sam Fisher, as an agent under cover, introduced in the terrorist group in order to undermine their work directly from within. We are facing a variety of missions in different parts of the world, new spy gadgets in the arsenal of the hero, drawing on the basis of the amended Unreal Engine 3, crafted plot with alternative endings, etc.

full version of the game will go on sale just in these days .

9 November 2006 | demo version, hero, map, mission, option, version

Commander Keen in Flash
WOW 2.0 - Second Life, House-3, and other online games not yet released “Corporate Secrets”

• The future of online worlds »»»
What is the development of virtual worlds, I see in the future: 1) Will finds a way to transfer images directly to consciousness through one or another way to connect directly to the optic nerve or directly to the brain that can accomplish all realistic presence in these worlds - aka the matrix.
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Recently, a remarkable fashion designer to the game Warcraft III, lazy in their work.
• Has been released a demo version of STALKER »»»
The company GSC Game World has released a multiplayer demo version of 3D-ekshena STALKER Now everyone wants to be able to touch, probably the most anticipated game of the past few years.
• Aliens vs Predator will issue in Russia »»»
So I think this game is known to all as “Aliens vs Predator” which once took pride of place in the rating games, and I think it took until now!
• Freigegeben wurde eine Demo-Version von STALKER »»»
Die Firma GSC Game World hat eine Multiplayer-Demo-Version von 3D-ekshena STALKER Jetzt will jeder freigegeben, um in der Lage sein, zu berühren, wahrscheinlich das am meisten erwartete Spiel der letzten Jahre.