What Disciples 3 the future bring??

Exit Disciples III Renaissance, another series of turn-based strategy game Disciples, will, without doubt, one of the most important developments in the industry of computer entertainment. First impression of the Renaissance can be expressed in three words - a beautiful new world. The updated engine, high-quality three-dimensional graphics, fresh designer finds, elaborated storyline and game mechanics. But for true fans of this series, the game world will become not only new, but recognizable - the new game will continue to plot lines of old parts, save them some stylistic elements. In short, everything will be done in order to Empire, Legions of the Damned, The noble Elves, Mountain Clans, and others that were left for you good old friends.
Maps in Disciples III Renaissance will begin to actively use the newly acquired third dimension, which would be enough to seriously affect gameplay. The enemy, entrenched somewhere in the strategically important hill, will be much more formidable adversary than a flat map. Henceforth, the majestic mountain pass and the dark abyss will not impersonal patterns created entourage, and a real element of tactics and strategy. And, I must say, very nice element. It is difficult to judge something before the game in the world, but now data on the graphic component, the imagination. Apparently, so liked by the players dark style Disciples, with the advent of 3D has not disappeared, indeed, in a new capacity, she looks absolutely fascinating. Openwork gothic and lush green Imperials, crazy, broken locks and outlines the gaping chasm scarlet Legions of the Damned + Imagine a three-dimensional, almost alive.
In the gameplay itself was also introduced several innovations. The second part of the cycle Disciples, judging by the numerous reviews on gaming forums, it was peculiar to the template in the tactics, the scarcity of options for action hero and the army, a very small number of items used by the hero. Disciples III will have a much greater tactical freedom, freedom of the hero and creatures. Thing of the past an automatic improvement of the character, there will be familiar to all of RPG-game options hero, such as agility, strength and initiative. Pts statistics for each level up will be distributed as you see fit. Appears to use more objects and artifacts. Some special features heroes and units will be recycled and re-balanced to reflect the realities of the new game.
Another of the developers claimed the most important features of this game - the heroes and creatures can now move freely about the battle map. Of course, this would entail a lot of new questions about checks and balances, tactics, most game mechanics. How well they coped with the team. Dat and “Akella” we learn only with the release of the game, but for some reason I hope for the best. The stated idea is great and it requires an equally brilliant incarnation.
Plot will also be based on all the campaigns for each game race. The developers decided not to abandon this system for reasons of continuity - the same plot had been organized the previous parts of the cycle.
We can only wait. Soon tremendous atmosphere of the universe Disciples, where intricately interwoven, European Gothic style and visual traditions of the east, once again open to fans of the series, and just to all fans of high quality and beautiful games. And there is every reason to believe that no one will be disappointed.

23 November 2006 | entertainment, event, industry, output, series, strategy

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