“Swim with the sharks” - a new experimental game!

You need a mouse to drag swimmers. The idea is that you first need to allow swimmers scared shark, and then dragging it to a safe place - to give him a rest. For the adrenaline rush swimmer will be asked to repeat it again and again and the player will receive more time and points. Try a new game!

Two largest resource for rabzotchkikov games Gamedev.ru and Dtf.ru spend contest “Experimental Gameplay. The network has the first game, presented to the contest - “Shark Dive”. During the next three months and the remaining contenders will win.

Link to the contest page: http://www.gamedev.ru/community/experimentalgameplay/

12 December 2006 | contest, idea, place, shark

Playstation3 fall in Europe not earlier than September 2007.
Voyage Century Online - need alpha testers!

• The creators of the game War Wings represent the League of aviators »»»
In the popular mobile game War Wings update available. There was a new regime - League of aviators, as well as a number of new functions.
• As many probably already know the game SCOPE was free, so now on it yet and you can earn! good »»»
You want to take advantage of additional services, but do not want to pay for it?
• In Russia, created the first Web 2.0-game »»»
Fleshovaya strategy “Schmeisser” uses the principles of social networking and web 2.
• First look at Ultima Online: The Kingdom Reborn »»»
Many people know that not so long ago was a kind of gaming event EA Mythic Press Event, where the company disclosed some details of their products.
• Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars on sale from March 28 »»»
Prior to release of the new Command and Conquer remained little more than a month.