Bookmakers take bets on the suspects in the Litvinenko murder

According to the office, least of all this threatens to Boris Berezovsky. Accordingly, it can win in 40 delivered more that about ten times more than the others.
Significantly higher estimated to charge an Italian professor Mario Scaramella, who met with Litvinenko on Nov. 1 in London. At each ruble invested in this case the firm will pay 4.85 ruble. At Sokolenko and Lugovoi odds equal to - 4,75. We Kovtun it is 4,2.
Bookmakers believe the most likely outcome, when the prosecution brought against anyone in general will not. Accordingly, the odds are very low-2.1. Just over a possible option is estimated that among the listed persons accused does not appear and it will appear later. Bet on any other - 3,15.

14 December 2006 | murder, score

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