Peyntbol - it will take for the game

<H2> <STRONG> Peyntbol - that will need to play </ STRONG> </ H2>
<P> If you think that playing <A
href = “http://www.paintball.x-nnov. ru / “> peyntbol </ A> safe,
harmless and does not require any training, you are grossly mistaken. But we
tell you, you will need for this exciting game. </ P>
<P> First of all, we need area with obstacles and shelters. Ideally
it should be a small military training ground in trenches, in extreme cases,
woods, only to surround a game area, so you do not accidentally shoot
peaceful viewers. Then the person you need camouflage, the first to drop out of the game
bright jacket. The most important part of the equipment - a mask, a bullet in the forehead
would, at least, hurt, and the eyes from the paint must be something
close. Just do not think that ski goggles protect you from
peyntbolnyh bullets from them will save only a solid mask. A good mask
should be a good review, light weight, and generally, she must sit on
head like a glove. It is better to buy a mask with a thermal glass - this is not
zapoteet during the game. </ P>
<P> Besides clothing and masks, need protection - vest, to a shot in the back not
brought you from the battlefield directly to the hospital bed. Do you need knee,
elbow pads and gloves are good. </ P>
<P> Weapon for peyntbola called a marker. The markers are pump action and semi
, recently there were automatic, but in the official
competitions they are not allowed. Pump markers appeared first
- a mechanical device, which must be manually
be sent to the ball after each shot. There are games that use only pump
markers. Pumps play indoors, so that balls do not
shot from the walls. Against semi pump powerless. Semi
heavy, but it does not need to reload manually, you can let bullets
queues. In any case, before you adjust to your marker,
have to shoot 3-4 thousand bullets. </ P>
<P> In peyntbole there are several scenarios of the game. “Top Gun” or a war of all against all
. The main task - to kill as many opponents and
to stay alive. Top Gun - is a title that is given to the winner,
true for shooting given only 10 minutes. </ P>
<P> Predator - players are divided into teams, if the enemy struck, he
becomes a member of the opposing team. The game goes until the field is
remain a team. Speedball - a game for small fields, where little
shelters and obstacles, almost nowhere to hide, why opponents are fighting on
speed. Protecting the President - a game for two teams in
each of which has its own president, the goal of the game - to bring the president
“alive” to the enemy base to take the flag and bring it to their base, but
with and defend your flag. There is a game of “one charge” - each ball
party to be charged by hand, no automatic fire on the game
given 20 minutes. The winner is the one who be able to quickly and nimbly to charge balls.
</ P>
<P> There is also a special peyntbolnaya ethics, the essence of which - the maximum
limit personal injury and violence. Smeared with paint
enemy hand to hand can not, in general, discouraged peyntbole
physical contact. Another can not be shot at close range, if you do not want to leave the enemy
painful bruises. </ P>

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23 December 2006 | ball, bullet, enemy, marker, mask, paintball, president, team

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