Top selling game in the U.S. in 2006

Year 2006 is rapidly coming to an end, and all who are involved in the gaming industry sum up all sorts of results. At this time we got information about the best-selling games on the territory of the United States. More precise - the undisputed sales leader. So …
Who said the word “Sims”? You talking about? World of Warcraft? And I do not know these. Is considered saoy-selling game of 2006 in the U.S. … Madden 07. Perhaps many of you have not even heard of this game. It’s simple: a simulator of American football who are so fond of Americans and which is so alien to us, Europeans.
Madden 07 came out in autumn 2006 the first year and was able to break up this time with a total circulation of more than 5 million copies in ten different gaming platforms. This game can be called a secondary, even n-hexadecimal, if we take into account the fact that all sports simulator from Electronic Arts each year in addition to the new figures vary according to the minimum.
Impressive? You bet. It seems that U.S. residents really love their sport for real.

27 December 2006 | end, industry, madden, result, simulator, spaces, usa

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