Note terbium:: Video PS3 in action

One of the visitors E3 (xtubbyx) took video of SONY PlayStation 3 in action, namely the work of its menu. Menu PS3 as two drops of water appear on the menu PSP! There are configuration sections, photos, videos, music, games, internet. Been added a couple new items on the menu - it is the People and Friends. The first, most likely, an analogue of accounts in windows, at the expense of a second while you can only guess … Watch Video:

12 May 2006 | , action, dormouse, exhibition, internet, music, photos, psp, visitor

The long-awaited full version of Heroes of Might & Magic 5! Meet!
PSP:: PSOne Emulator for PSP

• PSP:: PSOne Emulator for PSP »»»
Thus, the network has its first photo and video material from the press conference at the exhibition SONY E3, which demonstrates a working representative SONY PlayStation 1 emulator for PSP.
• PS1 - classics already available for PSP »»»
By issuing the freshest firmware 3.01 for PSP, Sony announced - from now on it will be running games with the classic PlayStation 1.
• At the end of the month in the New York Museum of Modern Art held an exhibition devoted GAMES »»»
It seems that the debate about the origin of video games to art can be minimized.
• PS3 trying to exchange for Wii »»»
Start the PlayStation 3 was far from straightforward. And now we have enough problems of Sony Corporation.
• 10 reasons why you do not need the PlayStation 3. »»»
What happens if someone asks to analyze the present value of future PlayStation 3 for the average gamer?