Began distributing European beta keys at - Vanguard: Sage of Heroes

As promised developers of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, site began to distribute European beta keys to participate in an open test project. Instructions for obtaining extremely easy …

8 January 2007 | beta key, developer, heroes, membership, projects, receive, test, vanguard, website

Scions of Fate (Yulgang): announcement of the beta testing
Hellgate: London - release scheduled for the summer

• The Lord of the Rings Online: The active distribution of keys in the Euro-beta »»»
News from the category of “Urgent Room” - site began distributing keys (making a total of 8.
• Today, August 12 marks five years of an incredibly popular game World of Tanks »»»
The idea of ​​the game, according to the developers, there was 29 or 30 December 2008.
• They waited - launched a beta Heroes of Might and Magic Online! »»»
So, at last! TQ Digital Entertainment and Ubisoft have opened a European beta HoMM Online.
• Beta-test STALKER »»»
Western game publisher (the company THQ) announces the recruitment of testers for the final beta test of STALKER Application from the beta test site can be THQ.
• Fallout 3 Alfa version, swing? »»»
Interplay company closed its role-division Black Isle Studios in late 2003.