Voyage Century: double experience and contest winners

Guide online product Voyage Century announced that in the next few days could be a good idea to pump his hero, as in MMORPG gameplay will be introduced a system of double standards …

8 January 2007 | day, experience, hero, management, mmorpg, system, winner

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• Voyage Century Online: the official launch! »»»
Cheers! Today, December 22, Internet Gaming Gate (IGG) has launched a swimming amazing sea online toy Voyage Century Online, which created a spirit of adventure in the 16 th century!
• Splinter Cell: Double Agent Demo »»»
Released a demo version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. In two versions: a single (one mission) and multiplayer (one card).
• Pirates who boarded! " »»»
Developers impending entry to the MMORPG Pirates of the Burning Sea did not torment the soul of gamers.
• What Disciples 3 the future bring?? »»»
Exit Disciples III Renaissance, another series of turn-based strategy game Disciples, will, without doubt, one of the most important developments in the industry of computer entertainment.
• Granado Espada: coming American and European release »»»
“No matter in what form the online product goes on sale, whether digital download or as retail buying, gamers will still get one of the best MMORPG”.