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Tow truck driver carrying two weeks ago, the crumpled car after a fatal accident that killed 11-month-old infant, was convicted of stealing a PlayStation 3 from a car.
Thomas J. Brunello (he is 34), the driver of the truck crash, took the PS3 out of the car that crashed in an accident on January 26 at Highway 78 in America. 21-year-old Philip Dustin was driving a Nissan Quest minivan production in 1998, when the car lost control and crashed at high speed with finger-pointer. 11-month Brian Dustin died when she was with child safety seat were thrown from the car. Philip himself was taken to the hospital in time. Another two girls, 18-year-old Julie Dustin and mother, 20-year-old Eric Dustin, was seriously injured.
Once the car was towed to the house of Dustin, it became clear that missing the Playstation 3, a few games for the Playstation 2 and some other accessories. State Police responded harshly to such a brazen looting, considering the capture of a criminal matter of honor. Thomas Brunello became the prime suspect. Recently, he confessed to stealing $ 700 worth of salon minivan and was arrested.
offender confessed only after it together with the police on him weighed his own boss. Stolen items were indeed found him.

14 February 2007 | car, child, playstation, week

Parent gamers killed his daughter
Incredible Adventures Xbox 360 in Russia

• Moscow is playing a Dozor oktryabrya 7. The first game of the capital - Toys of the Gods »»»
The first game is free. Night, car, kilometers, roofs, basements, people, attics, fences, traffic police, roads, police, walls, trees, light, darkness, emotion, speed, adrenaline … This should feel.
• PS1 - classics already available for PSP »»»
By issuing the freshest firmware 3.01 for PSP, Sony announced - from now on it will be running games with the classic PlayStation 1.
• Kinect system has received an official driver »»»
Apparently Microsoft’s really liking that programmers from outside to create Kinect different drivers, because this way they provide good publicity product.
• Parent gamers killed his daughter »»»
MMORPG are a kind of drug, which can be cured only after a certain period of time.
• Well-known opponent of the game Grand Theft Auto IV threatens Microsoft »»»
Antiigrovogo fervent activist movement, as well as distinguished lawyer from Florida, Jack Thompson threatened to deal with Microsoft, if she will take up distribution of obviously successful criminal game Grand Theft Auto IV for its Xbox 360 console.