TV on PS3

The head of Sony Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison (Phil Harrison) alluded to an early start in the U.S. and Europe, a special service with the ability to download TV content (movies, transfer, show) on …

17 February 2007 | europe, head, movie, opportunity, run, service, show, usa

As the Japanese call game companies
Game Mario

• Prospects for Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) »»»
What are the prospects for Ps3? company Sony has high hopes for this prefix.
• The future of online worlds »»»
What is the development of virtual worlds, I see in the future: 1) Will finds a way to transfer images directly to consciousness through one or another way to connect directly to the optic nerve or directly to the brain that can accomplish all realistic presence in these worlds - aka the matrix.
• Exit PS3 in Europe delayed again »»»
Due to lack of capacity Sony has once again postponed the start of Playstation 3 in Europe and Russia on March 17.
• PS3 goes to England ... »»»
The British chain store Littlewoods imagines himself to be an early bird - despite the fact that Sony officially zavezet PlayStation 3 in Europe until the spring of next year, these Markets are already pricked to take pre-orders for the new console and the accompanying “gadgets”.
• The creators of Diablo release a free MMORPG »»»
The company Flagship Studios will release very similar to Diablo MMORPG called Mythos in 2007, reports Eurogamer.