Game blockbusters - 2007. Part I

A brief review of the most promising games of 2007. Their waiting was not the first year. Only AAA games from the most renowned developers. Alan Wake - a thriller from the creators of Max Payne. BioShock - spiritual successor to System Shock. Assassin s Creed - most high-profile project in 2007 from Ubisoft. Crysis - the successor to Far Cry. And, of course, Kane Lynch: Dead Men - an ambitious shooter from the developers of Hitman. Latest details of the most high-profile releases of 2007. Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 last year has brought many surprises - both pleasant and not very much.

4 March 2007 | creator, developer, part

Began testing Windows Live Games
The real work in Second Life

• Secret Agent females in Splinter Cell 4 for the PS3 »»»
Admirers of espionage series Splinter Cell, who purchased the PS3 and wait out the fourth part of the game in March, waiting for a little surprise.
• Known hacker made a program that allows you to run everything on the PSP games on PlayStation »»»
The news that on the PSP you can run games from the first PlayStation, ponachaly was received with enthusiasm.
• Opera on the Wii »»»
Company with a capital letter “N” decided not to leave the brainchild of the recently released Wii unattended and today announced a regular lotion to her.
• In Russia now has a network of virtual hotels for children Habbo »»»
Finnish company Sulake Corporation announced the official launch in Russia its project Habbo.
• Ubisoft stealing from ... Ubisoft? »»»
Site one of the users of the material was placed directly hinting at the fact that Ubisoft used a pirated version of the soundtrack of one of their games.